Ralph Lauren can take back his uniforms… and give back rugby.com

So I’m sure I am not the only person who has been looking for new rugby gear, or for information about the sport of rugby in general and decided, “Hey, why not just type in rugby.com”? It annoyed me to then be taken to a Ralph Lauren website. Perhaps you were looking for a local rugby club, or where to catch a game, and the Google search’s first site to pop up Rugby by Ralph Lauren and the store on the north side.

I have never been a fan of the Ralph Lauren clothing line, and really find the people who wear a bit douchy, and who wants to pay $128 for a rugby jersey? Well I guess if you’re going to pay $128 for a jersey you’d probably the person who also buys it in a XXL with a 15 on the back. However, in a time where there is a definate depression, a push to buy American made, and the Olympics right around the corner, the height of national pride, a corporation who makes a billion dollars and the exports all the work is beyond disrespectful, it’s full on douche bag.

Nothing represents Rugger more than this...

Nothing represents rugby more, and clearly he has tons of National Pride (photo from rugby.com)

Republicans and Democrats have finally been united on disagreeing on the  U.S. Olympic Committee's decision to dress the U.S. team in Chinese manufactured berets, blazers and pants. There are  American textile factories struggling and there are tons U.S. workers desperate for jobs. First of all Berets? REALLY?!? That’s an American style that represents our country?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told reporters at a Capitol Hill Conference

“I am so upset. I think the Olympic committee should be ashamed of themselves. I think they should be embarrassed. I think they should take all the uniforms, put them in a big pile and burn them and start all over again,”

Secondly, when jobs are being shipped overseas, factories are shutting down, how could the US Olympic Committee not first make sure our national athletes are not dressed in American made gear?  Olympic teams around the world tend to be nationally funded, the U.S. Olympic Team is privately funded. We’ve all seen the commercials where the Home Depo is proud to employ Olympic Athletes. People who train three times a day for their entire lives, spend hundreds of thousands of their own money to be Olympic hopefuls, taking jobs that can be flexible enough so they can train, compete and travel are then going to be asked to wear something made elsewhere?  For what reason? So a many worth a US Net of $7.2 Billion dollars can save some money? It’s disgusting and disrespectful.  Rep. Steve Israel, D-N.Y told reporters that there are 600,000 vacant manufacturing jobs in this country.

And lastly, Ralph Lauren’s clothing isn’t the least bit athletic. Give Rugby and Polo back to the athletes and quit buying up names of sports to promote you stupid clothing. Athletes who play tackle sports DON’T  WEAR WHITE SKIRTS. American’s don’t wear berets (unless it’s a raspberry n and you’re singing some Prince).  We don’t need a brand logo larger than the USA is on the clothing. For the Olympic Committee, don’t waste donated money on someone who is going to make a ton of money when there are plenty of small designers that would be happy to have the opportunity to design something to represent our nation. What about America’s Next Top Designers? Pretty sure they could have done a better job and had it done locally.

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