What does it mean to be "RUGBY FIT"

So it has been a good month since most players have been on a pitch, and Whiskey 10s is just a short 79 days away! So what have you been doing in you free time? As rugby is a game of endurance and strength it truly means that if you don't loose it you'll loose it.

As the USA Ladies are currently at a training camp and as my e-mail box has been getting several fitness workout routines sent to me in this down time it just feels like I should be another person sending out the "Don't waste these two months" message. I am also thinking about my interview with Andrew Suniula before he went to World Cup and how he said that despite training, and running and lifting out your own, its completely different that being ready for that first game of the season. So as people are hitting the gym trying to stay strong with their resolutions, I am offering my little bit of fitness knowledge from school, playing, and just reading over a plethora of fitness routines these past two weeks. I am not a trainer, and if your coaches have already given you a routine or you have a tip of what keeps you in top shape please share and help your fellow ruggers!

KEEP RUNNING AND CHANGE IT UP. You might be able to run a marathon, but they doesn't mean that you can necessarily run for an 80 minute game of rugby. Run hills, switch between indoors and outdoor, run in the cold, the rain, the heat of a gym. We've all been in games in the spring season where you are wearing long johns one weekend and then are sweating in your short the next. SOme games are in Colorado, other in Nashville and you need to be an all terrain runner. You also need to be able to go from a set pace, to a sprint, be ready for a quick stop or cut and change in direction. For those of you who know me, and many of my friends, I hate running. Its not something I do for fun with out the motivation of getting a good tackle out of it, so having running partners for drills is what always worked best for me. Remember those 50m drills are just as important as being able to run a straight mile at a good time.

KEEP THAT CORE STRONG. Hooray for holiday drinks, and treats, and snacks, and parties, and end of season banquets. Now that that is behind us for the most part I'm not saying you should have six-pack abs, but it is important to have a strong core especially if you're one of the big kids in the pack! Get in those planks, do your lunges, superman those hos, squat it low, and v-sits. A strong core in not only important in a scrum but it's important tin keeping you spine healthy keeping away those back injuries.

PLYOMETRICS. aka "plyos" is a type of exercise training designed to produce fast, powerful movements, with the purpose of improving performance in sports. if you're going to be ready to adjust to whatever may happen on the field, it's a must. Throw some hoops on the ground and jump from one to another (your kids will love it too), do box jumps, star jumps, or the ever loved blurpie.

WEIGHT TRAINING because we need to have strong muscles too! Strong to stiff arm, strong to make passes, strong to drive over that ruck, strong to make the tackles. Arms and legs can be tones, or bulked a bit for intimidation. Make sure you watch your reps, and don't over do the weights to cause strains on your muscle and again switch it up so you don't plateau.

TAKE A DAY OFF remember you cannot push your body too hard. Saturday's a rugby day, but Sunday is the day of rest! A light jog, something small, but again don't over do it. We are not officially in Pre SEASON!

Preseason - Eight weeks before the first Club Practice of the next season to the first Club Practice. Here's the reccommended workout routine from Brett Burdick, Coaching Coordinator for Virginia Rugby Union.

Day 1 - Weight Training and Plyometrics
Day 2 - Interval Training
Day 3 - Weight Training and Plyometrics
Day 4- Interval Training
Day 5 - Off
Day 6- Fartlekking (speed running) or any sports activity
Day 7- Long Slow Distance

HAPPY PRESEASON EVERYONE! And how do you stay rugby fit?

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