Saturday's A Rugby Day! Crosstown Rivalry!

The rugby fall season has just begun but one of the most exciting games is already here. Like any other sport rugby teams also have their rivals. In the city, Chicago North Shore Women’s Rugby Club and Chicago Women’s Rugby Club is a very intense match and much looked forward to by both teams. It means bragging rights around town. Some of the games are close in score, others not so close. North Shore has won three out of their last four matches against Chicago Women. This only adds fuel to the fire, driving both teams motivation to bring home the win.
North Shore was formed by ex Chicago Women’s players, and this match brings out old girls from both sides. North Shore has no lack in its pregame traditions sporting the motto: “You don’t have to be ugly to play rugby.” Players wear something pink (nail polish, lipstick, hair bows), the player who showed the most heart in the game gets a battle axe that has been passed around for many seasons. Chicago Women also have a lot of support on the side line and get pumped up to give this game their all. The season is early and for Chicago Women this will be their first game and they will definitely want to start out with a W. North Shore won their first game this season against the Minnesota Valkyries bringing confidence to their side.
Although this game is intense and means a lot to both teams not just for bragging rights but also for standings in the Midwest Rugby Union. Those egos will be bruised at the end of this match, there is one thing about rugby that I love and that makes it such a unique sport; two teams, with 15 players fielding each side, going hard for 80 minutes. Playing with all their heart, strength and determination to win. Stiff arming, tackling hard, able to taste victory with every play they make. When all is said and done, there is much love and respect between teams. You hug people you haven’t seen for a while, chat about expectations for the season and you don’t just walk away, you host the other team to lunch or dinner, and drinks. This type of bonding is not typical in most sports, and grudges are carried off the field. Each rugby game is kind of like a mini trip to Vegas, fast, exciting, some cuts and bruises, but what happens on the field stays on the field. With great weather in store for the weekend there should be an awesome game to check out and support two of Chicago’s best Women’s teams. Saturday is going to have perfect weather in store making it an awesome game to check out and support two of Chicago’s best Women’s teams.

This Weekend’s Games Around Town
Chicago North Shore v Chicago Women @ Lerner Park 11am B Side 1pm
Chicago Sirens v Fox Valley Vixens @ Dan Ryan Woods 11:30 am
Chicago Griffins B v Northwest Woodsmen @ Schiller Woods 1pm

Southside Irish A v Westside Condors A @ Dan Ryan Woods 1:30pm B Side 3pm

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