It's Not Who You Bring but What You Bring

Saturday was a beautiful day and prefect to go to a rugby game. I went to check on North Shore v Chicago Women and was ready for an intense game. Both teams came out with a good amount of fan fare, both determined to win, both bringing their A game mentally. It’s not just about your sidelines and heart but the commitment on the field. Chicago Women brought a solid offence and defense knocking North Shore down a peg or two as the walked in with one strong win behind them.
Chicago Women and North Shore both came with enough to field two sides, and with North Shore missing some key backline players, Chicago came out and came hard. North Shore had poor passes, did not contest line-outs, not to mention knock-on’s and turnovers. They seemed to play like they were not expecting much of a fight from Chicago. We’ve all been to game where over confidence leads to little mistakes that make a big impact. Chicago Women’s player Darcy Leslie, who also plays for the Chicago Force was a big advantage for the team scoring two of the three trys made by Chicago. Chicago scored in the first half with two penalty kicks, North Shore with one. In the second half North Shore came back with a try but Chicago then scored two trys with a final score Chicago Women 23 North Shore 8. The B-Side game for both teams was also highly competitive and entertaining to check out.
The Chicago Griffins away game this weekend also showcased that it’s not the numbers but the intensity that you play with. The Griffins traveled to Indianapolis with just 15 players. One player said that they started weak but looked at their numbers and decided that they traveled, made the commitment and were going to win. The final score was Griffins 38 Indy 29.
There are games where players come together and turn it up to show that with few, comes greatness and other games where it’s about bragging rights in your city, and another teams confidence can backfire.
This Thursday if you don’t have practice, or just want to check out a game, the Chicago Blaze will be hosting the Chicago Lions on September 1st at 13011 Smith Road in Lemont, IL between 127th and Pasture.


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