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The History of the Wedding Cake

The history of the wedding cake goes back as far as the Roman Empire, well before the concept of elaborately icing a cake, was invented. Through the years, the wedding cake has become the focus of a variety of customs and traditions. Some of these customs have survived through time. Some have not. The custom... Read more »

Wedding Registry Mania

Wedding Registry can be a very overwhelming experience for many couples.  Here is a helping hand on how to go about your wedding registry.  Wedding Registry can be at individual stores that offer a variety of items or stores that focus on specialized areas. You can also create a registry all your own that includes... Read more »

Mock-tail Hour

Not everyone likes to drink, alcohol that is.  So whether you are one to enjoy the non-alcoholic drinks or are planning on entertaining a crowd, then we have some great drink ideas for you!   Our first Mockaholic is a Watermelon and Cucumber Tonic.  With the warmer spring weather fast approaching, this is the perfect... Read more »

Wish Upon A Wedding

Wish Upon A Wedding is the world’s first non profit organization granting wedding wishes to couples (18 years and older) facing life threatening medical conditions.  Wish Upon A Wedding was started in January of 2010 and grants wedding and civil union ceremonies to couples across America.  Wish Upon A Wedding currently has 15 chapters to... Read more »

Can't Find a Fun Wedding Favor? Donate the Money to a Charity

If you can’t decide on a favor to give to your wedding gifts, or just think it is a waste of money; one of the newest ideas is using the money you had allotted to favors and donating it to a charity.  You may already have a charity you hold dear to your heart, but... Read more »

Creative Card Box & Gift Holder Ideas

Are you having trouble finding the perfect item for your guests to place gifts and/or cards in?  Below are a few ideas for all weddings, themes, and seasons. Tiffany’s Inspired Box Beach Wedding  Winter Wedding  Vintage Suitcase   Photo Card Box  Fall Themed Box  Religious Card Box  Rustic Card Box  Traditional White Enjoy these tips and stay... Read more »

Toss the old Toss Bouquet!

Instead of tossing the traditional flower bouquet get creative!  Toss something that will really draw a crowd…a fortune bouquet!  This bouquet is made of paper flowers and is filled with lottery tickets, dollar bills, gift certificates and goodies that anyone would love!   The items can be rolled up into the paper flowers to make a... Read more »

Grooms Cakes

The groom’s cake originated in the South, and although in the past it was seen as an unnecessary expense, the groom’s cake has made a big comeback.  Originally the groom’s cake was meant to be a gift from the bride to the groom and is typically represented by masculine objects and colors.  The presence of... Read more »

Fun Save the Date Ideas

Are you looking for something a little different for your wedding save the dates?  Well we have come up with a few great options!  Fabric Knots– In a play on the phrase “Tie the Knot” send your invitation closed with a ribbon, in a box filled with beautiful knotted fabric ribbons. Vintage Maps– Find a... Read more »

Spring Wedding Flowers

Are you having a spring wedding and not sure what flowers are in season?  Well, here is a list of flowers that are in season and will help to make your special day beautiful! Peonies Orchids Daffodils Tulips Lilacs Iris Stay tuned for more from Big City Bride!