Trolley Wedding Transportation

Trolley transportation is a unique, memorable way to transport your family and friends on your big day.  Trolley transportation in Chicago offers a fun way to travel to your Chicago wedding. But before you book that trolley for your wedding… be sure to get the facts! Here is a little advice from a Chicago wedding planner who knows the pro's & con's and the in's & the outs of everything Chicago:

Trolley Size: Chicago trolleys typically hold 25-35 people.   This is great since you can fit your whole bridal party on board instead of having to split them up in limousines. They are spacious and offer the choice of standing or sitting for your Chicago Wedding.

Trolley Style: You can choose a more traditional trolley look with red or green or choose an ivory or white trolley.   Chicago trolleys also have different formats for seating.  Some Chicago trolleys offer row seating - so all guests face forward.   Some Chicago trolleys offer “bench seating” where guest face each other.

Cool Features: Some Chicago trolleys are air conditioned and others are not. Before booking your Chicago trolley, you should ask if the trolley has good, working air conditioning. Trust Big City Bride, there is nothing hotter than a wedding dress and a tuxedo! If your wedding is May – October, chances are, you are going to want climate control!

Booze Cruise? You also want to find out if your Chicago trolley allow beverages. It’s nice to have water, soda, champagne or a cold beer while cruising around town in your Chicago trolley.  So make sure the vehicle you are booking allows refreshments if you plan to serve them!  You also want to ask about clean up fees for empty cans, bottles or trash left on board – you don’t want to get stuck with any surprise charges following your Chicago wedding!

Music Matters: And, no Chicago trolley tour would be complete without music!  So ask your Chicago trolley company if they have speakers, iPod connection or some way to crank up the tunes!

The Price is Right? Trolley prices range depending on the day and amount of time you want to rent them. Prices for Saturdays usually exceed a thousand dollars plus driver gratuity.

Keep in mind if the Chicago trolley does not fit your wedding day style, you can consider using one for your Chicago bachelor or Chicago bachelorette party.

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