A New Meaning to Reading Lips

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, love is in the air! People are buzzing with excitement over Valentine’s Day parties and upcoming weddings, just in time for this love filled holiday! If you are planning a Chicago bachelorette party, wedding shower or even your Chicago wedding, we’ve got something that can add a fun twist to your Chicago party! Big City Bride has found a unique entertainer in the Chicagoland area. One guaranteed to make your Chicago event, whether it be a Chicago bachelorette party or a wedding shower, as unforgettable as possible!

Your Chicago Wedding planner has discovered an interesting and fun new idea to bring to your Chicago event! Instead, of the traditional Palm reading entertainment,Big City Bride found something a little more unique. Michael Kett a lip reader! That’s right, Michael is a lipsologist. He is able to tell you how you are perceived by the world, your energy levels, and your communication skills, all from reading your lip print! Michael can read about 18-20 prints an hour and provides almost everything you need besides a small table and a good light source for him to be able to read your lips! Did you know that your lip print can actually change based on who you are with and how you are feeling? And no two prints are alike! Michael can walk around the party to read everyone’s lips or he can be stationed at a table, so guests can get their lips read, when they are feeling up to it!

If you are looking for something to put a unique touch on your Chicago event, then Michael Kett has something to offer! So pucker up and get ready for this unique Chicago experience!

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