Sweet Tips & Tricks Regarding Treats

Happy Halloween to you all! After the fun October anticipation of costumes and candy, it’s time to welcome November and be thankful for all that lies ahead. That said, we still have the remnants of Halloween to clean up and possibly to consume. Are you left with a basket full of candy? If so I imagine a few thrifty brides and grooms are contemplating gathering theleft over candy for a Chicago wedding candy station. Candy stations are more expensive than you might imagine…so collecting left over candy might be a great way to add to your wedding on a budget.

Candy stations have become very popular as a way to treat guests. As Chicago wedding planners Big City Bride has seen many wonderful candy stations. That said, we’ve learned the best way to bring it together. Here are a few sweet wedding tips:

  • You’re going to need vessels for your candy! Glass is nice because it allows guests to see what there is from a far. Homegoods is a great place to purchase these vessels at a good price… but this means you’ll need to safely transport them many times and then find room for them after your Chicago wedding! Many Chicago florists will provide you with vessels if you’d like to avoid the hassle.
  • Size matters. Shape matters. Candy is small and expensive. If your vessels are too large then you’re going to need more candy. Consider arranging the vessels on blocks and risers so that your candy station has visual variety and looks more full.
  • Limit your candy selection. No need to provide a whole candy store. Choose 5-10 different candies and the larger each piece is the more impact it will have filling up your vessel.
  • Make it cute. A candy station can become a focal point in your Chicago wedding reception. Add a cute backdrop. Use special linen. Add cute signs.
  • Bag it up or box it up. Don't forget that if people are going to take any candy with them they will need something to fill! Add a cute sticker or ribbon to secure the bag.

This beautiful wedding candy station was at the Chicago wedding venue River East Art Center.

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