Busiest Day in Wedding Planning in One Week

The busiest day in Chicago wedding planning is quickly approaching. Matrimony Monday is a busy day for Big City Bride when newly engaged couples start Chicago wedding planning! The holiday seasons bring families together and create perfectly opportune times for the big question to pop up. Somewhere between football, turkey, and pumpkin pie a lot of grateful boyfriends are becoming excited fiances!

Big City Bride is gearing up for the phone calls of excited brides and grooms on Monday, November 26th! We've marked it in our calendars and we look forward to being the guiding voice to couples as they start Chicago wedding planning. The first decisions to make may involve a discussion with family. Discuss guest count, timeframe, and budget!

To all those newly engaged brides and grooms who just searched "Chicago wedding planner" for the first time and hence found this Big City Bride blog...we're so glad you found us! If you want to see what other couples think about having Big City Bride as a wedding planner please check out our Yelp Reviews! Be sure to search through the "filtered reviews" because there is a lot of love hidden in there!

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