Any Book Guest Book

So often brides think about a guest book near the end of the wedding planning. Chicago wedding planners see a lot of creative and unique ways for wedding guests to prove they were there for the exciting occasion. One of my favorite suggestions is to grab their favorite coffee table book and let their guests fill it with love. The effort is low. It could even be a free wedding detail if it’s a book already owned! If it’s a beautiful book then it can only get better with a few signatures and well wishes from everyone you love. Books with blank spaces and simple design are ideal so guests have space to fill. Also, books that speak to the couple can be very fun and inspire your guests to sign something personal. This way every page is filled no matter what and you won’t risk a wedding guest book with two pages full of names that you don’t really want to keep but can’t throw away.

Lauren and Mike planned a beautiful Chicago wedding at Loft on Lake. This rustic Chicago wedding venue is full of possibility and almost encourages couples to make it their own. In the planning we talked about their love for biking and so they chose the “Cyclopedia” as their wedding guest book. An awesome book of uniquely designed bicycles gave guests the opportunity to pick their favorite. You can imagine the tandem bike pages filled quickly with sweet notes!

I've never seen a guest book so full at the end of a Chicago wedding! The sign Big City Bride made might have helped a little bit. “Thank you for joining us for the beginning of our ride together as husband and wife.”

We wish Mike and Lauren the most wonderful ride together!

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