Beating the Heat at Chicago Weddings

Chicago is HOT and even though a few raindrops are scheduled to fall, the temperatures aren't expected to drop. So let's deal with the heat that Chicago summers bring and embrace how wonderful it is to wear fewer clothes for a few months of the year rather than the coats that weigh us down all winter. In the winter Big City Bride can help you arrange for coat check to deal with the cold, but in the summer it's not such an easy fix. But, Chicago wedding planning is full of tips and tricks so here are a few Big City Bride wedding tips to beat the heat as a Chicago bride or wedding guest:

  • In your Chicago wedding planning, find wedding transportation with air conditioning! Limos, sedans, busses, and trolleys can all be found with air conditioning and it will make a world of difference to your wedding guests.
  • If your Chicago wedding has an outdoor wedding ceremony or an outdoor cocktail hour, make sure to have a climate controlled backup plan for rain or intense heat. If your Chicago outdoor wedding ceremony has guests in direct sunshine then consider having them rest in shade before being ushered to seats or shortening your wedding ceremony or cocktail hour.

  • As a Chicago wedding guest, pack your suitcase in preparation for the heat! Wear a short dress and have your man wear a light jacket. If you want to refresh for the Chicago wedding reception, then don't be shy to change your outfit.
  • As a Chicago bride, do what you can to cool your wedding guests! Chicago wedding planner Big City Bride loves to surprise guests with fun specialty cocktails and appetizers. Serving a frozen drink, even a non-alcoholic one, will help your guests embrace the Chicago weather.
  • Big City Bride is a fan of the print material fan. Making your ceremony programs or your dinner menus into a fan will not only help them interact and appreciate your wedding print materials more, but will help with the heat.
  • Start later. Chicago wedding planners can help you schedule your Chicago event anytime of the year. In the winter Big City Bride knows to take an early sunset in to account when wedding planning, but in the summer you have longer days to use. Start your Chicago wedding later in the day and hope the evening will bring some relief from the heat.
  • Hydrate your Chicago wedding guests! Have your Chicago caterer ready with water at all times. It's wonderful presentation and often doesn't cost a thing! Putting water bottles on your guest shuttles is always appreciated and will help them wake up with a much more sober memory of the day.

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