Big City Bride gives Chicago Wedding Tips

Wedding season is in full swing! We've been so lucky to be a part of many incredible Chicago weddings this year already. Big City Bride is such a unique Chicago wedding planner because we have a team of five planners who know this city and the Chicago wedding industry as well as anyone. With our combined years of experience and connections you better believe we have lots of stories and therefore lots of wedding tips for the bride to be.

So we'll share a few! Big City Bride wedding tips for the Chicago bride...things to consider as you get close to your Chicago wedding.

  • Big City Bride Wedding Tips #1: Soak it up! Don't rush through your Chicago wedding day. Don't think it starts after you say "I Do" or your first dance...enjoy your whole week! After so much planning and money spent and the gathering of everyone you love ... be present! Plan in time to enjoy the people you love and be thankful for every moment.
  • Big City Bride Wedding Tips #2: Communicate clearly, not only to your Chicago wedding photographer, Chicago wedding venue, Chicago band & Chicago wedding florist so your expectations are known, but also to your wedding party! Let your friends and family know when they need to be ready, where they need to be, and what to bring.
  • Big City Bride Wedding Tips #3: Don't sweat the small stuff. You can plan every wedding detail and prepare for every mishap ...but on your wedding day allow yourself to think big picture and focus on the greatness of the day!
  • Big City Bride Wedding Tips #4: Photoshop is your friend. If you get a small stain on your dress, if you wake up with a zit, or if your cake topper needs the head to get glued on ... it can all be photoshopped into perfection!
  • Big City Bride Wedding Tips #5: Have your Chicago caterer pack up a few pieces of cake for you and eat it the next morning. From our Chicago brides we've heard that year old frozen wedding cake isn't the best but we can guarantee it will be great on your first morning as a married couple.
  • Big City Bride Wedding Tips #6: Don't plan a million family photos with your Chicago wedding photographer at the altar after your Chicago wedding ceremony. This will be the most stressful time of the day. You just want to be happy that you're finally married, not orchestrating photos through awkward family dynamics. If you have to do a lot of family photos to do and it's a nice day then do some outside. You'll like the natural backdrop better than the church altar.
  • Big City Bride Wedding Tips #7: Bring a change of shoes. No one will notice if you throw on Toms during the reception. If you paid for the band then pack your dancing shoes and enjoy your night!
  • Big City Bride Wedding Tips #8: Finalize payments before your wedding day. Slowly pay off your vendors if you can so you're not worried about finances as you get close to the wedding day. On your Chicago wedding day you don't want vendors asking you for money.
  • Big City Bride Wedding Tips #9: Enjoy a glass of champagne while you get your hair done but be careful to not drink too much! No need to fill your bus with endless alcohol because a very drunk bridal party before dinner isn't ideal.
  • Big City Bride Wedding Tips #10: If you want a fun wedding then have fun! The bride and groom set the tone for the Chicago wedding reception and your bridal party will follow suit, and then the rest of yours guests will join. Your wedding guests won't let you be alone on the dancefloor so feel free to start the party!

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