World Delegates Crashing Chicago Weddings

Chicago weddings are lucky this weekend with incredible Spring time weather! That’s one less worry for Chicago brides and grooms as they get anxious to share the city with the NATO Summit. Chicago has been preparing and planning for the NATO Summit for a very long time and awaiting the excitement and potential worries that will come along with it.

Big City Bride knows the Chicago wedding planning worries that brides and grooms have encountered. Although the city would like to minimize activity in the loop, Chicago weddings will be happening this weekend and there are a few wedding planning tips for brides, grooms, families, and wedding guests alike:

Wedding Transportation: Be prepared and plan for traffic, various road closures, closed parking garages, and parking restrictions in general. Planning an extra night at the hotel is the best idea! Among closed highways and unpredictable traffic delays, public transportation will also be limited. The most affected roads are said to be:

  • I90 East and West between O’Hare and Downtown
  • Ohio from I90/94 to Fairbanks/Columbus
  • Ontario from Fairbanks to Columbus
  • I90/94 East and West between downtown and I-55
  • Roosevelt Road/18th Street/Canalport Ave access from I-93
  • Significant closures in and around McCormick Place
  • Significant closures in and around Museum Campus
  • Significant closures in and around Willis Tower
  • Significant closures in and around Chicago Cultural Center & Art Institute

Security: With Head’s of States from all over the world in attendance for the NATO Summit, Chicago is taking tremendous security precautions! A big worry is protestors on the streets. It is advised that anyone in the city this weekend should carry photo identification and proof of where you work and live.

Why is a Chicago wedding planner blogging about the NATO Summit in Chicago? Well…we plan and we prepare…we do our best to communicate…and then we get ready to problem solve! If you’re a guest at a Chicago wedding, add a purse to your outfit so you can carry identification. Be smart as you travel and allow extra time. If you can, stay in a hotel downtown Chicago the night prior to the wedding so you have no worries about running late! Be smart when it comes to being a tourist. There is so much to enjoy in Chicago but sticking to attractions North of the city might be the best bet. Watch yourself around protestors and dress to blend in when you can.

Big City Bride wants to help make sure every Chicago event this weekend runs smoothly with no problems! The NATO Summit is a wonderful opportunity for Chicagoans to show off this incredible city to important people from all over the globe.

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