St. Alphonsus Chicago Church Wedding

So often brides and grooms spend their wedding planning focusing on the Chicago wedding reception and the catering, the flowers, the band, and all of the personal details. Of course as a Chicago wedding planner, Big City Bride loves all of these elements to a wedding. We love planning the most fun party you'll ever throw and a beautiful celebration. However, it's important to remember what is being celebrated - the vows, the commitment, and the actual wedding ceremony!

Some brides dream of a Chicago outdoor wedding ceremony and some choose to have their Chicago wedding ceremony at their Chicago wedding venue. Big City Bride is a pro at helping with a room flip so you can use the same space twice. Wedding planners can deal with the details of ceremony set up with chairs and an altar, with an officiant and musicians.

Other brides want a Chicago church wedding ceremony and there are so many beautiful options! For Catholic ceremonies a Chicago wedding church is important and some churches are more flexible than others. Big City Bride loves St. Alphonsus Catholic Church weddings at 1429 West Wellington near Southport and Lincoln! Currently under construction on the outside, the inside is what matters to your Chicago wedding ceremony so don't be discouraged.


Imagine yourself walking down this long and dramatic aisle for your Chicago church wedding.


Here is the beautiful altar that your Chicago wedding photography will capture. It's a great backdrop for your wedding vows.


And then the celebration begins as you say "I Do" and take your first walk together back down the aisle as husband and wife!

Big City Bride knows that finding the perfect Chicago wedding church can be difficult so we'll be sharing some of our favorite Chicago churches here so stay tuned for more from your favorite Chicago wedding planner!

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