Sentimental Bridal Bouquets for a Lovely Spring Wedding

All Chicago weddings are different, and we love that! The wedding planners at Big City Bride never plan “cookie-cutter weddings” because every couple is different, and we always ensure that their wedding reflects their unique personalities. Each Chicago wedding should reflect the style, personalities and passions of each couple. Most importantly, it should embrace and celebrate the people, places and events that helped shaped the lives of the bride and groom.

All that being said, almost most brides all walk down the aisle with a bouquet of flowers. We have found some lovely ways to give a standard bouquet a personal touch. One way to make your Chicago bridal bouquet special is to incorporate something that is uniquely "you". These Big City Brides carried charms and lockets of grandmothers and loved ones. It’s a really nice way to to keep them memory of deceased loved ones close to you for your Chicago wedding. Another bride wrapped her bouquet in the ribbon from her first communion veil to make her wedding bouquet that much more personal.

*Photos by Chicago wedding photographers: Riverbend Studio & Robyn Rachel Photography

This next Big City Bride had her Chicago wedding florist used her grandfather's tie to wrap her bouquet! So simple and elegant, but also meaningful with a pop of color. Chicago wedding planner Big City Bride loves that these small details don’t cost a thing!

This Big City Bride did something stunning and very unique. To honor and hold her mom close with her during her Chicago wedding ceremony, she entwined her rosary in this beautiful strand of orchids.

*Photo by Chicago wedding photographer: Edenhurst Studio

Lastly, I saw this in Martha Stewart Weddings and just had to share! This beautiful and fun wedding bouquets wrapped in scarfs are a great touch, whether it’s your great grandma’s vintage silk scarves or you’re gifting every bridesmaid with a beautiful new scarf! It’s such a fun pop of color and so romantic and soft. These scarves are sure have sentimental value and remind your bridesmaids of your special day.

This photo and idea found here at Martha Stewart Weddings!

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  • Beautiful ribbons used!

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    Loved the sentimental touch of the grandfather's tie to bring him into her event. I also loved the use of this years pantone colors with the shade of tangerine and various shades of orange. Great job. Love the creativity.

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