Cute Meatloaf

The word may be getting out that Big City Bride is the Chicago wedding planner who loves food trucks, but how could we not!? There's something about food on wheels that makes people happy. Maybe it reminds us of when we were little and the ice cream truck would come through the neighborhood singing its happy song. Now if only these Chicago food trucks could sing a cheerful song to match the unique fun food they have inside.

This week the Chicago Meatloaf Bakery stopped by our office and shared some of their amazing savory treats. Following the popular Chicago wedding trend of cupcakes the Meatloaf Bakery has created delicious and adorable meatloaf cupcakes. Whether you enjoy them from the traveling meatloaf truck or from their Clark Street location you will not be disappointed.


Here is the fun Meatloaf Bakery Chicago food truck! If this catches your eye on the road be sure to follow it for a savory and filling meatloaf cupcake or a few little loafies.

With unique flavors and toppings (from mashed potatoes to spaghetti to peppers on the vegetarian option) it's a fun twist on your mom's traditional meatloaf. They also have little "loafies" which is a mini meatloaf cupcake and perfect for a one bite appetizer.

As a Chicago wedding planner, Big City Bride doesn't only love these as a street side snack...but we love them as a savory opposition to a real Chicago cupcake bakery. Sticking with a cupcake theme could be fun, especially for a Chicago wedding shower. Having meatloaf cupcakes and then cupcake desserts could be really fun!

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