Chicago Casting Call: The Reality Of In-Laws

Do you watch reality tv and wonder about the people who find their way to the screen only to share their drama, however interesting or boring it might be? Do you find yourself connecting to people you never imagined you would? Do you find yourself secretly wondering if your life is interesting enough to entertain millions? might be!

If you have an in-law then you're bound to have something funny to share. No two families can be the same and the coming together of two is bound to bring a little drama. You’re not alone in the laughter, love and potential frustration…so share your stories! This tv casting call is looking for Chicago brides to be or women fully into married and in-law life. They want mothers and daughters with complicated relationships to bring their complicated issues to television.

As a Chicago wedding planner, Big City Bride certainly loves in-laws. We spend our days planning the celebration of two families coming together.  A big part of our job is mediating the Chicago wedding planning process between brides and grooms, his family and hers. We know there is so much love behind it all but we also know that at times laughing is important. Share this with you mother-in-law or daughter-in-law, your daughter who complains about her mother-in-law or your friend or co-worker who is always full of entertaining stories after a family holiday! The casting call will be in Chicago next week!

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