Day Of Chicago Wedding Planner

Wherever you are in the Chicago wedding planning process we want to help make your wedding the day you’ve dreamt it to be! Because we are full-time professional wedding planners we know what it truly takes to make an event successful and even if you’re looking for “a little help that day” we’re going to give you the 60 hours of attention we know your wedding deserves (and needs.)

“Day Of” is a casual term that means on-site wedding day management but Big City Bride knows that you need more than just one day of our help. We're more like month of wedding planners than just day of wedding planners! Big City Bride wants to make sure that you don’t settle for a Chicago wedding planner who can’t promise you everything you need in a day of planner.

Here is what we do to make sure your wedding is tight and right!

• We receive and review your Chicago wedding contracts.

• We develop a unique and effective floor plan.

• We prepare a detailed timeline of your whole Chicago wedding weekend!

• We know your taste and make your design details perfect.

• We find the gaps in your Chicago wedding vendor contracts and prevent any problems day of.

• We connect your Chicago wedding vendors so they are a team on wedding day and working for your best interest.

• We provide creative touches that make a big impact for almost no cost.

• We help you surprise your groom or thank your parents.

• We listen to your wedding worries.

• We use our talents, experiences, and back up Chicago vendors to implement your plans and react to any changes on-site.

• We're ready with our emergency kit for whatever you will need! We’ll set out matches for the unity candle, open a bottle of wine, give you mints before your first dance, or sew your dress when dancing breaks your bustle.

• We provide you with support staff for transportation or guiding your guests to the Chicago Park District ceremony site that’s nearly impossible to find.

• We make sure your bouquet is in your hand for introductions and the DJ knows how to pronounce everyone’s names.

• We make you laugh, keep you stress free, and carry your things around all day.

• We make sure your mom and your Chicago wedding photographer and Chicago wedding videographer are in the room for your first dance and your cake cutting.

• We make sure all your gifts go back to your aunt’s hotel room, along with your unity candle, guest book, family photos, and special cake cutting set.

After months of planning and years of saving we want to make sure your Chicago wedding is executed perfectly. Let us know if you want Big City Bride to help you with whatever it takes to make your Chicago wedding perfect!


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