Public Displays of Affection

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Although it has a bad rap as a "Hallmark Holiday"…it is still a holiday celebrating love, and in fact Hallmark does not need to be involved. This year forget the candy, the flowers, and the teddybear and the cheezy a part of something bigger. Make your love part of a public Valentine's Day card that every commuter won't be able to put down. The Chicago Tribune is taking PDA to a new level and putting it to press. Whether you’re comfortable snogging in the street and holding hands, or not, here is some PDA that Grandma will approve of. The Chicago RedEye commuter publication is taking submissions for their Valentine's Day PDA. For $25 you can make the most creative display of public affection by going to the Chicago RedEye link here. Every commuter will secretly be checking in to see if there is a surprise with their name on it.

Whether romantic love or not, let this holiday be a celebration of whatever love brightens your day. Even if your life is lacking romance this February, celebrate whatever love you’re thankful for! Maybe you're thankful...

...for your friend who makes life fun…

BFPDA1 300x150 Public Displays of Affection

...for the people you see everyday…

coworkerspda 300x150 Public Displays of Affection

...for the furry unconditional loves in your life…

dogPDA copy 300x150 Public Displays of Affection

...or for the clients who make your job fun!

bcb PDA 300x150 Public Displays of Affection

Be sure to send in your PDA before Monday at 9am and grab a copy on Tuesday to see all the love this great city is made of!


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