How Sweet Is The Sweet Ride? SO SWEET!

How sweet it is find a pink food truck in Chicago! Our Thursday just got better ... and we have to share.

Our LOVE for food trucks continues! The Sweet Ride just rolled through the Lincoln Park area of Chicago and Big City Bride flagged them down. Look at all the amazing treats to be had! Nothing like banana pudding, whoopie pies, cupcakes, cookies, and push-up cupcakes to sweeten an afternoon.

Five minutes after this picture nothing was left but a few crumbs..and a few very happy Chicago wedding planners.

Before we fully enjoyed every morsel of this Chicago food truck's treats we chatted about the possibilities of letting the Sweet Ride pull up to a Chicago wedding (our wedding planning brains never turn off!) They were so excited to discuss the possibilities of customized menus and customized packaging. Whether this adorable little truck is waiting outside when your guests are leaving or you have them pull up as a sweet surprise at a Chicago wedding shower  ... the possibilities are endless.

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