Springing into Flowers

With the snowy and cold Chicago winter upon us, everyone is already itching for the spring season to arrive. Since we have a while until then, the wedding planners at Big City Bride wanted to remind you of all the beautiful flowers that will eventually come into bloom. Brides are now preparing for their Chicago spring weddings, and the Big City Bride wedding planners want to share ideas of what types of flowers soon to be married couples can use to make their wedding day a picturesque one.

Here we have a Daffodil to the left and a Forsythia to the right. Yellow is a great spring color, and these flowers would make for a bright spring wedding. Here's an idea! Gray or navy bridesmaids dresses and linens would allow the flowers to pop. A fun color scheme will light up a Chicago venue, and leave an everlasting impression on all the guests!

A bride can never go wrong with purple flowers at their wedding. The Hyacinth on the left and the Lilacs on the right are just two of the many purple flower choices a bride can pick from. For the big day, think about incorporating a variety of candles and lighting to make for a romantic wedding reception.

Spring is also the perfect time for pink! Aside from pink Roses, Peonies and Sweet Peas are gorgeous choices to have in bouquets at the wedding ceremony and in centerpieces at the wedding reception. Using pinks can transform any Chicago wedding venue, and put a smile on guests' faces upon arrival. Lilly's of the Valley (shown on far right) can be very sweet too!


Tulips and Viburnums are another great spring wedding flower option. Tulips come in so many colors and varieties that they are a great addition to whatever floral you have. If you're going for colorful design, the Viburnum berries can be a fun accent.

A couple can not go wrong by choosing to have spring flowers present on their wedding day! The wedding planners at Big City Bride know that choosing the right flowers can completely transform a Chicago wedding ceremony and a Chicago wedding venue! If you choose flowers that are in season then the cost is much more budget friendly! Winter can be a drag, but we have so many spring weddings to look forward to!


http://www.flowers-cs.com has provided us with these photos, go to their website to check out even more spring flower options!


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