Wedding Venue Closes - Brides & Grooms Scramble For New Options

As a bride to be your first step to wedding planning is choosing your Chicago wedding venue and determining your wedding date! From there the other vendors and the creative details fall into place. It's hard to imagine the stress if your chosen wedding venue announces that due to financial hard times they are closing their doors on your plans, but unfortunately it happen, and has happened to a few Chicago couples.

Montefiori, a popular outdoor wedding venue (in Lamont, IL) is closing due to financial problems. Our heart goes out to the 30 brides and grooms who are suddenly left with no wedding venue. Availability for 2012 Saturdays at Chicago wedding venues are slim so it may be difficult for them to relocate from Montefiori. It's an awful stress, especially this time of year. Of course we as Chicago wedding planners are available to help find wedding venues to suit any budget, guest count, and style.

News like this will make brides and grooms nervous for the stability of their own Chicago wedding venue. In a questionable economy, signing and depositing with Chicago wedding venues for 2013 can be scary. Here are three quick tips to protect yourself from situations like this.

1. Negotiate contracts with your Chicago wedding venue for a lower deposit. If the venue closes you'll have lost less.

2. Pay your deposit with a credit card if at all possible. Some credit card companies are helpful in disputing charges.

3. We have to say it because we know our value... hire a Chicago wedding planner! With connections in every single aspect of the industry we may have insight into the stability of Chicago wedding vendors and Chicago wedding venues. If something like this does happen your planner can help with what they do best - damage control! Not only do you need a new venue, you may need to change your date, potentially find new available Chicago wedding photographers and Chicago florists. You would need to send out an invite update and possibly adjust your guest accommodations accordingly.

It can be done, and these brides and grooms will have their happily ever after! We wish them all the best!

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