Sliding Into 2012 - Continuing The Chicago Food Truck Trend

With 2011 coming to an end and 2012 barreling in quickly, it's fun to take a minute to reflect on what fun has been cooking up for the new year! If you've taken a look around the city of Chicago with an empty stomach you've most likely noticed a very tasty new trucks!

Chicago streets have been filling with food trucks, and people desperate to enjoy the newest food trend! With trucks feeding everything from mac n’ cheese, sliders, meatballs, tacos, coffee, or cupcakes – how can you not fall in love?! Brides and grooms have been jumping on the bandwagon and inviting trucks to park at their wedding! Serve sandwiches or tacos after your outdoor wedding ceremony to hold guests over until a later reception. Imagine a pink truck full of sliders pulling up for late night food as guests wait for their car! Organize a personalized a menu for your guests with specialty items that match your theme or favorite taste. And don’t just make them wait in the truck…inviting them in! Your guests will be ROLLing with compliments on your creative idea.

The Slide Ride girls will even roller-skate into your event with sliders for all the guests! What an amazing photo opportunity! Chicago wedding planner, Big City Bride, planned the evening so that the truck pulled up as the entertainment went from band to DJ to keep guests excited!

This website lists and tracks what Chicago streets have to offer:

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