His Love Story - Marriage Equality

As a Chicago wedding planner we have the privilege of forming our career and our every day around love. To work with couples full of love and romance is so fun. To plan celebrations for their best friends and beloved family, and to then spend their wedding day making it one they love and will remember fondly forever is a special task and we don't take it lightly. We love and appreciate and celebrate all kinds of love and so the recent chance to do so with the new Illinois gay marriage rights is so exciting.

With Illinois as one of the most recent gay marriage states, we have been given the opportunity to plan Chicago civil unions! A chance to bring peace of mind and wedding excitement to any couple is what we aim to do. Watch this beautiful video found here about the love story of a gay couple and take a moment to celebrate love stories.

This Australian ad for marriage equality is beautiful. We would LOVE to plan the same sex wedding for any couple with a love story this touching...and we think every love story is!

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  • Maybe when I get married, you can do my wedding. :)

  • In reply to David W. Quinn:

    We'd LOVE to!

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