Chicago Cultural Center - Winter Wonderland

Chicago's winters scare off many brides but the potential is unbelievable. It's so hard to predict what winter will bring and this year December has been snow free and mild, making Chicago weddings better than ever imagined. It's been a Chicago wedding planner's dream come true! Without sleet and snow and slush to deal with, brides are able to focus on the important things - being happy and stress free and absolutely beautiful.

Jordan is one of these beautiful big city brides! She looked incredible and her wedding bouquet of hydrangea and roses were beautiful. Her early winter Chicago wedding was beyond amazing. The early darkness of winter set the scene with a romantic glow. Her Chicago wedding venue, the Chicago Cultural Center, looked absolutely stunning. It glowed all evening. Her Chicago florist used lanterns, pomegranates, and hydrangeas in her decor.

Everything was wonderful. Thank you to Allori Photography for these beautiful photos. You captured the bride and her decor so perfectly.



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