Weddings In The Dark

Daylight savings time has come and Chicago afternoons are getting darker. As we begin getting used to the idea of another Chicago winter we also get used to the idea of walking home in the dark and bundling up in endless layers. If you’re planning a winter Chicago wedding there are a few things to think about in regards to the light, or lack there of. Work with your Chicago wedding planner to guide you through the secrets of planning a Chicago wedding in the dark.

Be sure to consider the time of sunset when scheduling your day. Earlier church times are better in the winter months if you want sun to shine through your church’s stained glass or if you want grand exit photos outside. If you’re planning a photo tour keep in mind that you need to schedule it before it gets dark which might be before your ceremony!

But rest assured, your Chicago wedding photographer will capture your wedding beautifully regardless. This night shot from Allori Photography captures Kelley and Mark in the midst of Chicago so amazingly.

With the city lights the darkness isn’t so bad. We’ll get used to it again.


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