Focus on the GIVING in Thanksgiving

The "Thanks" of Thanksgiving is rarely forgotten, but today I think we'll focus on the "giving." A world of giving makes everyone more thankful. As we get wrapped up in our busy lives and jobs and wedding planning it's so easy to put off giving back but it doesn't have to be difficult. Some of our most meaningful weddings have been ones in which the bride and groom made giving a part of their day.

A huge heart for animals, one couple chose to donate to ASPCA, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, rather than send them off with a wedding favor. A donation can say so much about the bride and groom.

RyAnn and Richard had a gorgeous outdoor ceremony in the round. They wanted their big moment to be intimate and everyone to be an important part of their day. RyAnn's lost her beloved mother to cancer and she chose to honor her in every way possible on her Chicago wedding day. The place setting was made special with a cancer bracelet used as a napkin ring - a donation in her mother's name.

Brianna and Donovan's wedding was about giving in every way. This incredible Chicago wedding at the Lyric Opera House became a gift to their guests. As a no gift wedding every guest was asked to simply enjoy an amazing evening of cocktails, food, opera, and dancing. Brianna's mother passed away in the wedding planning process and the wedding became an event to honor and celebrate her - a photo of her sat at the bride's table to keep her close.

Instead of gifts, donations were accepted towards the building of the Ellen Marks Cancer Foundation - a foundation in her mother's name. The whole evening was full of love. There's something so amazing about a selfless gift to their loved ones, and a selfless giving from guests that made the evening unforgettable. It was a Chicago wedding to remember forever.

And so today is to think about giving. Giving in talents...and finding ways to give to those in need. Your Chicago wedding planner is always ready with ways to make your wedding a giving affair!

**Thank you to Allori Photography, to Edenhurst Studio, and to Gerber + Scarpelli for giving your talents in these beautiful photos.

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