Swanky Relaxation - Let Your Guests Enjoy

The planning is done. The wedding is here. Be sure to plan a time and place to relax and enjoy your Chicago wedding. Lounge furniture adds an element of home to an event. Providing your guests with a place to sit and get comfortable during cocktails or dancing allows them to catch up with the out of town guests or rest their feet from the dance floor. Whether simple ottomans or couches with pillows or swanky lounge vignettes, have fun with matching the lounge furniture to your decor.
Your chicago wedding planner can help you find the best party rentals and rental lounge furniture to match your look and your party. Make your Chicago wedding that much more memorable by allowing people a place to truly enjoy it! To get the most of your money be sure to place is somewhere it can be used more than once, or used for the most amount of time. Make your cocktail hour into a late night lounge so that tired guests can find peace and quiet away from dancing for a quick break. Or place it right next to your dance floor if your fiance's side of the party doesn't dance! Keep them involved and part of the fun.

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