Only The Engagement Party?! Can’t Wait For The Wedding!

Once in a while we have a special client who finds us so early on in the wedding planning process that we have the privilege of not only planning their Chicago wedding, but their Chicago engagement party as well.  Once in a while we have a client so interested in design, so eager to surprise their guests, so ready to take risks, and so unique that we have the opportunity to plan something really special. An engagement party is the the best place to take risks and throw a party no one will forget. There are no engagement party rules or expectations and the possibilities are endless. How fun to impress your guests and have them even more excited to see how you can possibly top it for your actual wedding day!

This couple chose the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art as their Chicago venue. Their intimate guest size fit perfectly with one grand long table. Custom chair covers, raised floral arrangements, suspended candles, and saturated lighting made the design of this event luxurious, yet still edgy.

It’s important to remember that with certain Chicago wedding venues you must embrace the venue and all that comes with it. With the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art and the Art Institute of Chicago modern wing, art is an intricate part of the space and  exhibitions will change from your time of booking to the date of your event. In this case, the wall coverings were embraced by the lighting and added an urban feel to the design. It’s so crucial to be open and embrace what makes your Chicago wedding venue special and unique. Your Chicago wedding planner, Big City Bride, is always there for advice on what to expect and how to make the best of every venue, and so much more!


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