Best Bathroom Buys!

Not only are weddings meant to celebrate the couple, but hopefully it's a blast for the friends and family of the bride and groom. They spend their day getting gussied up and looking their best for your big event. Then, after a few drinks and some dancing, everyone starts to get a little frazzled. Maybe a hairdo falls out while showing off on the dance floor or a killer blister pops up from a pair of new shoes that are too beautiful to leave at home.  Towards the end of the late night, contacts start to get dry and makeup starts to smudge.

Give your guests a break to freshen up. Wedding bathroom amenities are a wonderful surprise for your guests.  Place weedding bathroom baskets filled with everything that guests might want throughout the night. It's an extra touch to impress your guests and make your night even more special.

Don't forget to include: band-aids, kleenex, nail file, clear nail polish, hairspray, bobby pins, hair-ties, gum, mints, mouthwash, floss, contact solution, body spray, hand sanitizer, and  feminine products!


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  • Great idea! Although you'd have to package that stuff to look pretty. I had rose petal soap leaves in the bathroom at my reception (Maxim's: The Nancy Goldberg International Center, 2007 :)

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