Broken Engagements & How To Cancel Your Big City Wedding

The wedding industry is in the business of happy endings and true love. We coordinate, we dream, and we create memorable events, hopefully ending in happily ever afters. Sadly, every once in a while, couples decide that their happily ever after isn't going to come from the wedding they are planning. Broken engagements are not easy for anyone involved but moving through the break up gracefully and peacefully is best for everyone involved. Recently, Chicago Wedding Planner, Big City Bride's Susan Cordogan, was on the NBC5 morning news with a few thoughts on how to cancel an engagement:

•How To Cancel A Wedding:

Of course you're not eager to cancel all your hard work but the sooner the better. Depending on how far out you cancel the wedding, you may or may not be able to get your money back. Many times cancelation terms can be found in your contract. If it's far out enough, some vendors like your Chicago wedding venue may be able to rebook that date and give you your deposit back. Your Chicago wedding planner can help you through this process with your Chicago wedding photographer and florist and invitation designer, etc.

•Whether To Return The Engagement Ring:

The decision is split between what people think is right to do with the engagement ring, and what courts are deciding. It's case by case, every couple is different and courts have recognized that. However, many women want to return the ring to rid themselves of any reminders of the relationship, unless it is an heirloom ring from her family then of course she keeps it.

•The Wedding Dress That'll Never Be Worn:

If he calls it off and she's already bought her dress, it would be nice for him to pay for that. It's the last thing anyone wants to worry about. Depending on the store there may be an opportunity to cancel the dress with a cancellation fee, or you could inquire as to a sample sale to resell. If you're looking for some good karma, donating the dress for someone who never dreamt of having their dream dress is a wonderful option with a tax refund.

•Engagement Gifts & Wedding Etiquette:

If still unused, engagement gifts should be returned. If you can't return them in person, return them through the mail with a short note of thanks letting them know that unfortunately the engagement has been broken off. No explanation necessary. If you're sad to return fun gifts, just think, why would you want those reminders in your every day?




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