Uniquely Chicago - a Field Museum Wedding!

When choosing a wedding venue, don't overlook some non-traditional spaces, like Chicago's Field Museum! It has all of the historical beauty and magnificence you would expect from a museum, but it has some unique aspects that will make your event unforgettable. How many people can say they got married next to the biggest, best preserved T. Rex skeleton in the world?

The Field Museum has many indoor spaces available for weddings, along with the outdoor space on the lawn ready for set-up. If you're looking for a wedding space that is regal yet versatile, this is your place. Bring in some colorful fabrics and decorations, and then let your imagination run wild! SUE the T. Rex and the stately elephants stay put in the two-story main hall, bringing the past to life right beside you. Other exhibits can stay open for your guests to interact with during the festivities as well.

One of our brides chose to use the outdoor space for her Big City wedding. We think it turned out beautifully, and many thanks to photographer Robin Sloan at Riverbend Studio for capturing this magnificent setting!


Check out their website at http://fieldmuseum.org/visit/weddings for more information and pictures, or ask your favorite Chicago wedding planner!


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