How To Have Cool Guests

With this week's scorching hot weather, it is finally sinking in...summer is here with all its hot, humid glory! If you can beat the heat, summer is the perfect time for a wedding in Chicago. The kids are out of school, flowers are in bloom, and it's the perfect time for guests to show off summer dresses. But the fact remains - sometimes it is just unbearably hot! So give your guests some cool treats they might not expect - popcicles!

Popcicles are the perfect way to give your friends and family a refreshing break from the heat. You can make popcicles out of anything - your favorite juice, yogurt, or fruit (watermelons make perfect popcicles!) Turn it into a tasty frozen snack with just a mold and a stick! Add fruit chunks or blend together different ingredients to make a custom popcicle. Or give your older guests a late-night cocktail pop using strawberry margarita mix or any other favorite drink without too much alcohol (won't freeze!) You can also give your popcicles some fun shapes by using shot glasses, cookie cutters, or mini candle molds! The only reason anyone will break a sweat is because they're dancing the night away!



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