Walk the Aisle In Style

From one shoe lover to another, live it up!!! Wedding shoes do not need to be dainty, they do not need to be sweet, and they do not need to be white. If you've admired sexy designer heels your whole life and dreamt of your red carpet moment- your wedding day is your day. You're going to be walking the wedding red carpet all day long so splurge on a pair of wedding shoes that make you feel hot.

Go for the sparkles! Go for the height! Go for the feathers, or lace, or studs! If you feel too bridal in white then spice it up with a pop of unexpected color or pattern. Choose a shoe you want to showcase in your closet for years to come. They don't need to match your dress or your bridesmaids shoes, and if they aren't as comfy as your Uggs then plan on flats for later.


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