A Sweet Station for a Sweet Tooth

Candy stations are becoming all the rage for weddings and parties, since they are colorful, delicious, and bring out a sense of child-like whimsy. Everyone loves candy, and with a candy buffet, guests can pick and choose their favorites to enjoy just what they want. There are even companies that specialize in providing all-inclusive candy bars for special events! It's a decorative way to do dessert, or you can make candy jars as favors or placeholders. Don't worry about how much candy to stock up on - provide bags or even decorated mini Chinese take-out containers so that guests can take the left-overs home after a night of sugary celebration!

Candy stations are also fun because they can reinforce your color scheme. Choose one color and run with it or use a mixture of complementary shades. Layer different colors to create a fun pattern in your glass! Or you can use a rainbow assortment and add a punch of flavorful fun to one corner of your venue!

Of course, you need some fun containers for your candy. Different shapes and sizes are key, and there are so many fun glass apothecary jars and even vases or fishbowls that will do the trick! Martini and champaign glasses are a fun way to display your candy as well!

You can also add a personal touch by decorating your containers with ribbons and signs. Or use them as centerpieces or as placeholders that the guests can take home as favors. The possibilities are endless with this "sweet" idea!

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