White Sox or Fun Sox!? Let Groomsmen Have Style!

In honor of the Chicago White Sox home opener today, here are socks! White socks or fun  socks, groomsmen must wear socks! The bride always makes a big deal of her attire and the dresses for bridesmaids. Of course bridesmaid attire is important, but groomsmen attire is no less important and should be no less fun. Let the men shine their personalities even if they all match in a handsome suit. A bright tie, whimsical flowers, or UNIQUE SOCKS is a great way to let them have fun. Whether matching wedding colors or secretly wearing sports socks, let the wedding attire for men be special. Chicago White Sox 2011 Schedule

This wedding party chose to give a nod to the groom's staple of white socks. Thanks to Robyn Rachel Photography for documenting this happy footed group!

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