Running Of The Brides

We survived! So I told you we were going to the Running of the Brides, and I told you we were having a giveaway in conjunction with the Running of the Brides, but I have not actually told you ABOUT the Running of the Brides. And, I think it's worth sharing.

Never before have I experienced women in that the determined, aggressive, rude, but still endearingly excited kind of way. For the many of you who have never experienced it, let me tell you what happens from an outsider's perspective.

We arrived at Filene's Basement at 6:00am on Friday thinking that due to the rain and cold the line might not have formed over night. We were wrong, and very surprised to drive down State Street to see multiple tents popped on the sidewalk. What a bizarre sight! When we talked to the front of the line we found out that a few ladies had been waiting since noon the day before!

We were able to bypass the line and get in place for the one-minute count down. Camera crews were ready to record every excited expression while store workers nervously grasped onto their assigned rack of dresses. They were staged as anchors ready to keep the racks from falling in the mad rush of women!

The Running of the Brides is pretty much the greedy attacking of dresses by teams of people supporting a bride. They grab all the dresses they can get their hands on, emptying the racks in a very quick ten minutes. They form huge mountains of white dresses and protect them from the brides who have entered the store only to find empty racks. Once they search through their inventory they start trading for the size and style they think they want. They strip down to try on in front of crowds and cameras; some in tube tops, some in spandex, some in swimsuits, and some in bras and underwear! What a bizarre bridal tradition!

The happy purchaser you see pictured was the first bride to buy a gown, only thirty minutes into the event. We were with her when she first tried her dress on and it was such a special moment to see her face light up and her friends tell her how gorgeous she looked. When we came back ten minutes later to see she hadn't taken it off yet we knew she was happy. Bing, bang, boom, she bought it!

She was the first of many to find beautiful dresses to be worn on very happy and memorable days. We wish them all the best!

Don't forget to enter our giveaway courtesy of Slim-Fast, a sponsor of the Running of the Brides event. Find us on facebook and "LIKE" the video or the photos of the event and you'll be entered to win a $100 Filene's Basement card and Slim-Fast products! It's so easy and the video is a must see! It was too much for words to describe, although I've done my best. Enjoy!


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