Keeping Weddings Clean

Your guest tables are where your guests will spend most of their observant time. As they sit awaiting dinner or trying to keep emotions in tow for the first dance and thru the toasts they stare off into the table that you carefully chose. The linens, the chargers, the glassware, the candles, the flowers, and the napkins all become important elements to a flawless design.

It seems silly but napkins are something to think about when making decisions. The color and texture can match the table linen or compliment it. Consider a texture that people will want to hold, one they feel okay getting dirty, and one that won't slip off their dress.


There are many napkin folds that allow for creativity and a unique table look. Make each place setting look special. Wrapping a charger or plate with a napkin allows you to insert a menu card or creates a nice place to set place cards or favors.

napkin 2.jpg

Rolling napkins or twisting them creates another option of napkin folds. Adding floral can be a nice touch to make every seat special.

Wedding Napkin Fold Ideas

If you're having menu cards for each of your guests, a napkin can be folded around it to make a pocket. Add an accessory or a ribbon for an added detail.

*Thank you Riverbend Studio and Robyn Rachel Photography for these wonderful images of Big City Bride weddings.

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