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Choose Your Jewels!

Brides are always eager to find their perfect wedding dress and choose their bridesmaid dresses soon thereafter. Whether your bridesmaids will wear the same dress or shine their individuality in different styles, don’t forget about accessories! Bridesmaid jewelry is an opportunity to either give let your girls share their personality while wearing the same dress,... Read more »

EXCLUSIVE TICKETS: Something Borrowed!

You’ve been anxiously awaiting the promised release of exclusive passes to the screening of Something Borrowed and you’ve finally found them! Big City Bride is partnering with Warner Brothers to give you an opportunity to attend the Chicago screening of Kate Hudson, Ginnifer Goodwin, John Krasinski, and Colin Egglesfield’s newest film! Follow this link to... Read more »

Happy Earth Day - Green Wedding Ideas!

Happy Earth Day! In honor of this wonderful Earth, today I’m sharing wedding planning advice for an environmentally friendly wedding. With a culture so accustomed to waste it’s easy to look past the environmental affects of your wedding day. But when you multiply a little waste by a large guest count you’ll see the importance... Read more »

Keeping Weddings Clean

Your guest tables are where your guests will spend most of their observant time. As they sit awaiting dinner or trying to keep emotions in tow for the first dance and thru the toasts they stare off into the table that you carefully chose. The linens, the chargers, the glassware, the candles, the flowers, and... Read more »

Frame Your Wedding, Not Just Your Wedding Photos

We frame things that are important to us. We frame our favorite pictures with our favorite people, in our favorite places. We frame memories of moments that should never be forgotten. A frame signifies importance and asks people to appreciate what’s inside. Let people know what you want them to look at by adding frames... Read more »

Attention Chicago Movie Loving Brides!

Author Emily Giffin’s beloved series is finally making it to the big screen. “Something Borrowed,” the movie, is coming to theaters May 6th. Ginnifer Goodwin and Kate Hudson play long time best friends, planning a wedding where Kate Hudson’s character is getting married and her maid of honor, Ginner Goodwin, has a thing for the... Read more »

Running Of The Brides

We survived!
We survived! So I told you we were going to the Running of the Brides, and I told you we were having a giveaway in conjunction with the Running of the Brides, but I have not actually told you ABOUT the Running of the Brides. And, I think it’s worth sharing. Never before have I... Read more »

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White Sox or Fun Sox!? Let Groomsmen Have Style!

In honor of the Chicago White Sox home opener today, here are socks! White socks or fun  socks, groomsmen must wear socks! The bride always makes a big deal of her attire and the dresses for bridesmaids. Of course bridesmaid attire is important, but groomsmen attire is no less important and should be no less... Read more »

Running Of The brides- Coming To Chicago 2011

Running Of The brides- Coming To Chicago 2011
  Have you heard of the Running of the Brides but always thought it seems like a strange bridal myth? Is it something you never imagine you’d actually experience? The idea of women lining up over night with their friends in order to fight for their perfect bargain wedding gown is just so unreal! But... Read more »