Salvage Your Dream Come True Wedding

The most special and memorable weddings are the ones that speak to the couple tying the knot. A wedding doesn't need to fit the cliché traditions of what is commonly expected. Some couples fit the traditional perfectly and feel most comfortable in a gorgeous church and ornate ballroom. Other couples' personalities thrive in a more contemporary and unexpected Chicago wedding venue. Salvage One is one of Chicago's hidden gems - the perfect place for a unique and truly personal wedding.

If you're eclectic and creative then Salvage One is your dream come true. As a store full of salvaged furniture and couches and lights and chandeliers and bookcases and signs and dressers; this is your chance to create your own perfect space. Pull from their inventory to arrange backdrops and seating areas and so much more for an totally unique Salvage One wedding. Learn more about this space and all the creativity it inspires at their website: Salvage One.

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