Fun and Fancy Flags!

Your day is a celebration. Your day is full of family, friends, and faith. Your day is a gathering of fun!

What better to inspire and encourage a fun celebration than an abundant use of colorful flags!? They are spontaneous. They are carefree yet perfectly planned. They pretty much ask your guests to enjoy themselves fully.

A simple wedding decoration idea like strands of flags can become a repetitive design element throughout your wedding. Here you can see it as wedding decoration for a tent, and as table decor. Printing it on a save the date or an invitation is a fun way to tie it all together and give a little foreshadowing to the actual day. The flags on the cake is another fun tie in. Perhaps you could also make little flags on straws to make drinks more fun! Finding a fun design element like this and using it in different places and forms is a really fun way to make your whole event feel cohesive and really memorable!

Ask your Chicago wedding planner how you can pull a design element into different areas of your wedding! We can coordinate with your vendors to make your event even more special.

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