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Fun and Fancy Flags!

Your day is a celebration. Your day is full of family, friends, and faith. Your day is a gathering of fun! What better to inspire and encourage a fun celebration than an abundant use of colorful flags!? They are spontaneous. They are carefree yet perfectly planned. They pretty much ask your guests to enjoy themselves... Read more »

Spring Flowers - Blossoming Beauties!

Every bride deserves to have a unique and beautiful bouquet! Spring flowers are some of the most beautiful because they are so patiently awaited. Chicago brides appreciate spring flowers even more after long harsh winters. Celebrate the end with beautiful spring wedding flowers! Beautiful wedding flowers in season are not abundant in spring, but with... Read more »

Haute Pink!

Big City Bride took part in Chicago Style Wedding’s “Designer’s Challenge” yesterday. A group of designers each paired up with a florist, a cake designer, and an invitation designer to create a look for the photo shoot. The first step was dreaming up a gorgeous and unique look that would inspire Chicago brides for this... Read more »

The Money Question

Most people wed once. They plan one wedding. As wedding planners we may only wed once but we’ll plan hundreds of weddings. We know the in’s and the out’s. We have connections with the best vendors and venues, while more importantly staying away from the worst. We have ideas for every wedding style, we have... Read more »

Hey, Chicago What Do You Say!?

The Cub’s home opener is quickly approaching, and bringing with it not only wild anticipation from fans, but endless opportunities for fun. April 1st, 2011 will begin the Cub’s season at Wrigley Field. Baseball means Spring, and Spring means Summer, and Summer means weddings! For those diehard baseball fans, embrace what you love and find... Read more »

Picture Perfect!

Every bride and groom wants to remember their wedding day. After all the planning and preparing, all the choices and execution, you can enjoy it as much as possible in the moment and then relive it again and again through your photos. Chicago wedding photographers do an amazing job capturing every detail and every special... Read more »

Salvage Your Dream Come True Wedding

The most special and memorable weddings are the ones that speak to the couple tying the knot. A wedding doesn’t need to fit the cliché traditions of what is commonly expected. Some couples fit the traditional perfectly and feel most comfortable in a gorgeous church and ornate ballroom. Other couples’ personalities thrive in a more... Read more »

Chicago Is Going Green! The Chicago River, That Is.

This weekend Chicago is celebrating St. Patrick’s day early, but in a big way. The Chicago River dyed green is only part of Chicago’s celebration, but it’s the only part that will last for a few weeks. A green Chicago River is a fun twist on the usual for the month of March. And, in... Read more »

Cafe Brauer- Lincoln Park's Favorite Weddings

Are you looking for a very special Chicago wedding venue? Hoping for something your guests would never expect, something that would entertain them, represent something special about Chicago, and still hold the most beautiful reception!? It seems like lofty requests but a Cafe Brauer wedding might be exactly what you’re dreaming of! Cafe Brauer is... Read more »

The Incredibly Fantastic Weddings of the Millennium!

The Incredibly Fantastic Weddings of the Millennium!
Millennium Park is a Chicago landmark. Many would say it has become the heart of the city. Chicago’s Millennium Park is loved for its amphitheater for summer concerts, the face fountains that entertain children on a hot day, the ice skating rink in the winter, and the beloved and adored bean sculpture. Millennium Park has... Read more »