Sweet Love Treats

Sweet Love Treats

Valentines Day is approaching quickly and I feel the need to celebrate it because whether you're a Valentines Day lover, or a hater, it is a day full of hearts and hopefully good love. So let me share a few sweet ways to celebrate and share your love.

What better way to celebrate love than with a sweet treat?! Chicago bakeries are ready to bake you something special, and nothing is more special than a Valentine cupcake!

Give your love through cookies too. These cookies are more like art than just a cookie. The over the top designs are absolutely perfect in an old school Valentine kind of way! If you're going to have fun with pink, red, and purple, then don't hold back.

And then cheers to the love in your life with a drink that matches the fun of the day. Think pink champagne with raspberries, pink lemonade, or even strawberry shakes. Whatever it is you wish to toast with, to whomever is special in your life, celebrate sweet love with something sweet!



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