They Don't Have To Match!

Have you ever discovered that you and a friend own the same piece of clothing? As soon as you see her wearing it you have to let her know you own it as well, just so she knows she didn't necessarily own it first. You absolutely cannot risk her thinking you copied her! And, from then on you check with one another whenever you're going out so you don't accidentally match. I guess it would be humiliating to be seen wearing the same thing. You want to look beautiful and unique and special, and matching a friend doesn't exactly let either of you shine! And let's be honest here, we all want to shine.

And so, knowing the humiliation and female etiquette behind matching, why do brides make all their best friends match!? Why must bridesmaids all buy the same dress to wear to the same event to see everyone they would normally hide from in any other similar fashion situation?! Well, maybe it's time to reconsider the tradition and reassess what it means to be a bridesmaid.

Matching bridesmaids are wonderful and traditional and allow everyone to know who is a part of your wedding party. They unite your most loved ones as important people for the day. However, some modern brides are letting their bridesmaids shine in their position in whatever they'd like to wear. Sometimes different styles are worn to suit different body types, and sometimes completely different dresses! What a fun and unexpected look that photographs with so much more interest than a matching bridal party.

If you're an untraditional bride who wants only the support and love of the wonderful women in your life, without the hassle of dictating attire, just consider the fun of freeing the fashion!


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