The "Best of" the Knot!

The Knot has released their most recent picks for Chicago's 2011 "Best of Weddings!" Take a look at some for The Knot's favorite wedding vendors: "The Best Of" and their full list of all the vendors Chicago has to offer!

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To celebrate, here are a few cute ideas for "tying the knot"! Have fun with the old saying and incorporate it in your print materials! It's especially fun with a nautical theme! Whether you use nostalgic diagrams, a simple knot design motif, or actual string knotted for a textural effect, it's a cute play on words that can be reincorporated throughout your day.

Continue the fun throughout your planning process. The knot jewelry below is so delicate, cute, and sentimental for the day. Adding little knot touches, even subtle ones like on your shoes is just a fun way to tie things together. It's these touches that are noticed later on in photographs! The pretzels are an adorable treat that's perfect for tying the knot. The knotted straws are another original detail that guests will find playful and fun. Everyone enjoys a drink a little more out of a straw!


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