Golden Globes 2011: Take Inspiration!

The Golden Globes are definitely an event each year where excitement and fun become the driving force of a glamorous Hollywood evening. Last night the stars owned the red carpet and enjoyed themselves throughout the award show that is less of a production and more of an event. Stars sit at tables rather than in an auditorium. They enjoy food and drink and celebrate the year in cinema and television.

Why do I think it's worth mentioning? I couldn't help watch without thinking of every aspect of planning that went into it. . . from the choice of chairs and table décor to the dresses worn! Events here in Chicago are just as glamorous as the Golden Globes, and often so much more so!

Stars spent the evening seated in black chiavari chairs around tables covered in white table clothes. Simple centerpieces of red roses popped with accents of soft orange roses for a fun variety.

Most noteworthy are the dresses that could easily be confused as wedding dresses! Many stars chose to wear floor length white, a look often only acceptable on your wedding day. Take inspiration from the stars for a unique look for your special day!


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