Creative Cake Toppers

Traditionally, people celebrate with cakes. Every year since you were a child you most likely expected a cake to commemorate the big day. And so, it is no surprise that weddings hold true the same tradition; a cake marks the celebration! It becomes a focal point of the wedding until it deliciously disappears!

Consider making your cake unique and specific to you as a couple. Instead of candles and "You're Married!" piped on top, consider the unexpected possibilities of cake toppers. I think that often cake toppers get a bad rap with mental pictures of classic plastic brides and grooms coming to mind. Or, have you seen the recent topper of a bride dragging a groom to the altar? I'm not suggesting anything of the sort, but I am suggesting a fun imaginative look at how to make your cake different than every other beautiful wedding cake. If it matches your personality, add a quirky touch and have fun with it!

*Note: is a wonderful place to find handmade cake toppers! Artists will design them specifically for you; to match your dress, your colors, your hobbies, or your theme! Think about a Chicago inspired cake topper!

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