Nothing Trivial About Conversation Trivia!


You wedding is a time when:

A) everyone you love comes together with everyone your fiancé loves

B) you hope the people you love will enjoy themselves together

C) people gather to celebrate your love

Your guests might:

A) know everyone at their table and could laugh and catch up for hours

B) be able to relate to their table mates about sports or travel or memories of you

C) sit painfully at their table, not knowing anyone and struggling to talk about anything more than a need for salt and pepper

Putting trivia on each table so that your guests have something to talk about would be:

A) a fun way to encourage people to break the ice and have a great time

B) a cute way to let them know little facts about the couple

C) an easy detail that everyone will notice

Have fun with it, and your guests will too!

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