Big City Bride is Thankful

Thankful for...

•the Big City family. The energy and support in our office is special. How lucky that we enjoy one another so much that we are friends, more than coworkers.

•the clients we work with and the fun we have while planning.

•the chance to be a part of people's special day.

•wedding cake.

•the venders we work with that are like old friends. We work with the best and look forward to the days we spend together.

•music, because the soundtrack of the Big City office makes us smile throughout the day.

•pets, because they become a part of your family. And we're thankful for the organizations that look after the animals waiting for a loving home.

•coffee, because it jump starts our days.

•clients that become friends.

•the chance to do what we love. We love planning events, and working with wonderful people. It's our dream job to make your dreams come true.

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