It's Your Day, Enjoy All of It!

It's you wedding day! The whole day is your wedding day! So often brides and grooms find their morning stressful and chaotic, and look forward to the evening. I'm here to dispute this state of mind and demand that you enjoy your entire wedding day, not just your wedding. You are surrounded by everyone you love in life, supported and filled with joy! Old friends and family have all gathered to celebrate with you. Take the time to do so!

Enjoy a morning at the spa, pampering yourselves and laughing at wonderful memories! Send the guys golfing to get some sun! Go bowling and be goofy for an hour! Relax and rejuvenate with a yoga session! Throw in a favorite movie and have girl time! Sing and dance to practice your moves! Treat yourself to the food and snacks that make you happy! Enjoy everyone and everything that you love all day! You'll be so happy you spent less time worrying and waiting, and more time living in the moment and soaking up all you've looked forward to.

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